Envirostream’s ISO 14001 accredited processing system – the result of more than three years of research and development and the first of its kind in Australia – recovers around 95% of the materials in a spent battery.

Any steel, copper and aluminium recovered is returned to the manufacturing sector for recycling, while the active components of lithium-ion (‘Li-ion’) batteries (including graphite and the ‘energy metals’ cobalt, nickel and lithium) are used to produce a mixed metal dust (‘MMD’), Envirostream’s primary and most valuable commodity. The MMD is subsequently employed as feed in the manufacture of cathode materials for new Li-ion batteries.

The Envirostream system was designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind. Because it’s modular, line maintenance can be carried out without compromising processing ability, and the system can be replicated anywhere in Australia.

Many consignments of spent batteries contain numerous different types; for that reason, Envirostream has developed an effective battery sorting solution as another way of keeping one step ahead.

Envirostream’s battery processing has the following key advantages.

  • Cost competitive
  • Safe and transparent
  • Offers brand protection and certificates of processing
  • Involves mass balance reporting