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Envirostream Australia issued planning permit by hume city council


  • Hume City Council has issued a planning permit to Envirostream Australia for
    its battery recycling facility in Campbellfield, Victoria.
  • The permit allows a change in land use to that of a materials recycling facility


Lithium Australia NL (ASX: LIT, ‘the Company’) has a 90% ownership interest in Envirostream Australia Pty Ltd (‘Envirostream’). As outlined in the ASX release dated 5 October 2021, a change-of-land-use application for Envirostream’s activity site in Berwick Road, Campbellfield, Victoria was in progress at the Hume City Council (‘Council’). Envirostream is pleased to advise that the planning permit the subject of that application has now been received.

Resource recovery

Envirostream – whose activities align with the Council’s commitment to infrastructure essential to meet waste and resource recovery – applied to the Council for a change in land use for the establishment and expansion of a materials recycling facility that had minimal impact on the environment and amenity of the area. Envirostream has since worked closely with the Council to ensure its operation meets the requirements of the planning scheme, and this led to approval of the change-in-land-use application. The planning permit is conditional on Envirostream’s compliance with the management plans it submitted with the original application.

Battery materials

The Hume City Council planning permit, together with the recently issued EPA operating licence, provides Envirostream with the formal approvals necessary to expand its operating throughput for the recycling of spent batteries at its Campbellfield facility.

Envirostream is the first company to achieve such approvals, which are specifically for the recycling of spent batteries. This represents an important commercial prelude to the introduction of the national Battery Stewardship Scheme scheduled for implementation in January 2022.

Comment from Lithium Australia MD Adrian Griffin

“Envirostream – now the first mixed-battery recycler in Victoria to be fully permitted –
seeks to reduce the volume of waste batteries relegated to landfill as it gears up to meet the introduction of the Battery Stewardship Scheme early next year.”

Keeping it safe

Environmental protection and sustainability Envirostream is Australia’s national leader in battery recycling, providing sustainable solutions for the disposal of end-of-life batteries (‘EOL’) and the ‘rebirthing’ of the energy metals contained…